Wednesday, June 13, 2012

West End Patio

Overlooking Coal Harbour a very modern simplistic look for a clients patio, clean lines and natural forms framed by beautiful stones, all with low maintenance plants, he loved it!  
It compliments his style perfectly.

These topiary boxwoods frame the breathtaking view, mimicking the trees below.  I just gave them a trim this day, as they were from a project I managed when I worked at Kermodi.

The portulaca planter sits nestled between two low patio chairs offering a splash of colour.  By mid summer they will cascade down over the edge.

 The set of three containers in the corner are all works of art on their own but look even better together.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

DIRTT Breathe Living Wall

I just completed a living wall for the new ReMax office on Arbutus street in Kerrisdale.  It was a very interesting project as the wall faces the east but is also only a few feet away from the south facing window on the side of the wall.  I was using a new living wall system created by DIRTT called the Breathe Living Wall purchased through The Office Resource (TOR) and as far as they have said this is only the second wall to be built in Vancouver.  It is a modular wall system and the 6 inch containers slide and lock into place using a trough and wick system that draws water from below.

There were 63 containers in total, so 63 plants, approximately 4 feet X 5 feet and the exposure allowed me to choose some really unique and beautiful tropical plants that don't get used very often indoors as there is usually not enough light.  The colour scheme inside is a dark cherry wood, silver, grey and red wall, so I used plants that accent and compliment the scheme, red, orange, purple, silver and icy blue.  It looks gorgeous and is growing so fast, the setcresea is flowering already!