Monday, October 3, 2011

Matt and Amanda's Wedding

When Matt and Amanda asked me to do their wedding flowers I was honoured.  There needed to be about 26 arrangements for the tables, some small like this and a few large ones like below.

Summer for the City

                       "This garden is dedicated to these little ones and their families"

This is where I spent most of my summer.  Bringing this amazing garden back from the horse tail invasion.  I was working in here one day when a lovely photographer came by.  She agreed to take some photos for me.  I hope you enjoy them.

I also had the pleasure of working for the commonwealth war graves commission too.  This is one of 150 sites worldwide commemorating the young men who passed on after serving this amazing country.  This area is for the soldiers who died in the first world war.  Rest in peace.  Least we forget.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring 2011


Welcome to my portfolio!  The following is a selection of some of my work as a florist, 
landscape designer and gardener with the City of Vancouver.  


Bridal Bouquet for Winter Wedding

Balcony Planter

Seductive leaf shapes,  vivid splashes of contrasting colour,  and a variety of sizes and texture make for an arrangement you just cant stop looking at.

Small hostess gifts

House warming gifts
Instead of roses

The following is a photo of a project to beautify extractor vents.  The vents blew out very hot dry air. They could be seen from a walkway above and from the rooms on the ground floor.  So I created a beautiful miniature landscape with a stone pathway and a variety of cactus.




City Of Vancouver

Traffic Bulge

Canada Line

Olympic Village Station

The Garden Car

The garden car below is a project I was asked to work on for the Vancouver Design Nerds.  It was a winning idea for the "21 Ideas In the 21st Century" contest put on by the City of Vancouver.  I was the project coordinator for an other winning idea and so I met the Nerds and was asked to work on this project after.  I planted this car up with mostly edible plants.  It is a parody about the amount of parking  space and the loss of agriculture land.