Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring 2011


Welcome to my portfolio!  The following is a selection of some of my work as a florist, 
landscape designer and gardener with the City of Vancouver.  


Bridal Bouquet for Winter Wedding

Balcony Planter

Seductive leaf shapes,  vivid splashes of contrasting colour,  and a variety of sizes and texture make for an arrangement you just cant stop looking at.

Small hostess gifts

House warming gifts
Instead of roses

The following is a photo of a project to beautify extractor vents.  The vents blew out very hot dry air. They could be seen from a walkway above and from the rooms on the ground floor.  So I created a beautiful miniature landscape with a stone pathway and a variety of cactus.




City Of Vancouver

Traffic Bulge

Canada Line

Olympic Village Station

The Garden Car

The garden car below is a project I was asked to work on for the Vancouver Design Nerds.  It was a winning idea for the "21 Ideas In the 21st Century" contest put on by the City of Vancouver.  I was the project coordinator for an other winning idea and so I met the Nerds and was asked to work on this project after.  I planted this car up with mostly edible plants.  It is a parody about the amount of parking  space and the loss of agriculture land.

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